Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting for Godot: images

Not knowing where to start in looking for photos that might serve as an inspiration for my Waiting for Godot set model, I just punched some likely search words into Flickr and Google Image Search: lonely tree, isolation, middle of nowhere.

The results were surprisingly useful. I saved a few dozen- anything that struck me as interesting. A few days later I pared it down, and organized the remaining photos based on which aspects of the design I thought they would be useful for.

I love the idea of having a winding road. This one, especially, winds around all over the place for absolutely no reason. Why? It ties in very nicely with the "what is the meaning of life/following all these rules?" theme in Godot.

This is sort of the typical image I feel comes to mind when you say, "a country road; a tree." I want my set to NOT look like this.

This image is so funny. I like how it implies that someone is making something of a comfortable home for themselves out there in the middle of nowhere.

I love the orange in these photos. The last one is particularly striking. Orange seems like such a fake, unnatural color, it really implies that nothing is growing anywhere out there.

These also have great colors that remind me of the themes of the play, but for quite the opposite reason. They're just completely lifeless, dull grays and browns. I'd like to figure out how to incorporate some "happy medium" of these two sets of images- maybe not quite as shocking as the bright organe, but neither quite as dull as these.

These two pictures stand out for me more because of their scope than their colors or elements. They really zoom out and show the emptiness of the landscape. This is in fact the more important element, so it's going to be important to try to keep the "big picture" in mind.

This particular picture strikes me because it shows loneliness and emptiness in a very different way than the others. Hints of civilization are all over the place, yet it still seems so empty. I think the sky has a lot to do with it, so I'll have to keep that in mind.

This is a picture of my own that I took. The previous picture above made me think about rocks as the perfect element of nature that demonstrates barrenness and infertility, so I found this one in my collection to have a different view of it.

These are just sort of typical, dead, lonely trees. They're not bad, but they're not great. I think I much prefer these:

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