Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waiting for Godot: in class work

On Tuesday we worked on our models in class a bit. I didn't get much actual work done, but I have finalized most of my ideas for the final project.

I really like the idea of having a winding road, so I sketched a few tries before deciding on one which had just the right amount of twisty-turniness.

I sketched a few trees based off of some of the images I found last week. These weren't great, and were severely limited by my artistic skills. But I decided that I definitely want the tree to look very dead- even leaning to one side a little as if it's about to fall over. Suddenly the idea of having the tree look as though it had been struck by lightning came to me, and I really liked it. We'll see if I'm able to incorporate that into the model. I'm also leaning towards painting it white, because the contrast of the white trees against a dark backdrop in one of the images I found last week really stuck with me.

I really liked one image I found which showed an old farm and some stone fences. There were hints of civilization, but the whole thing still seemed kind of deserted. Something about the fences appealed to me, so I've decided to include a stone wall in my model, right in front of the tree. It will hint that maybe there used to be something more interesting at this place, like a house or a farm; however, it has since fallen into disrepair. Some of the stones at one end of the wall have fallen into a pile, creating the "mound" mentioned in the script.

So, putting it all together, I drew a final rough sketch showing how the road, wall and tree all fit together. I want the road to look sandy and orange. The ground will be some sort of dark brown or green, to demonstrate dead grass, or at least grass that has been burned and beaten down by the sun. The sky will be grey with some hopefully interesting clouds.

Throughout this whole process I haven't really given much thought to the moon. I haven't forgotten about it, I just haven't really found anything appealing or interesting about it. For me, the moon is just not a crucial part of the set. Obviously it can be important to others and I'm sure it was important to Beckett, but it doesn't stand out for me personally. So I think I'll just leave the moon very basic and nondescript. It does need to be there, but it won't be anything special or interesting, just a full moon hung simply in the sky.

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